Prime Ministers and presidents, archbishops and historians, authors and international singers, Oscar-winning film stars and royalty - this is the calibre of people who have contributed articles to Excelsior - the annual journal which has recorded the success story of the Treorchy Male Choir for over sixty years.

Since 1948 it has stood as a testimony to the Choir's increasing fame by carefully recording each and every event in its history from the very many glittering highs to the fortunately few lows.

is a declaration of the choir's achievements, highlighting concert engagements, overseas tours, eisteddfod wins, newspaper reviews, commercial recordings and is a reminder of the many distinguished individuals the Choir meets through our music making.

What is Excelsior?
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Excelsior 1970-1989
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Excelsior 1948- 1969
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Excelsior 1990-2009
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